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Helpful Hints

You Will Need:

  • A computer with Internet access
  • An updated web browser (Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox recommended)
  • Flash (you can install Flash at http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/)



1.  On your computer, open a web browser (Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox recommended) and in a new tab go to the URL: www.everfi.com/login

2.  Click the “Sign Up” link in the top right corner of the screen.


3.  Enter the registration code: e9db8692.  Then click the “I’m a student” button.


4.  With a parent/guardian, fill out the profile to create your account.  Include your date of birth, first name, last name, create a username, enter your parents email address (optional), and create a password.


*Create a unique username that you do not think anyone else will have.  If you create a username that is already taken, you will have to create a new one that is not taken.  

*Remember to write down your username and password so you do not forget it.  You will need it to log into the program again.

5.  Once you have finished filling out your profile, click on the “I agree to the terms of service” box and click “Finished!”


6.  Your account has been created!  Your screen should now look like this.  Click the “Get Started” button to start the program.


Get started:

1.  Your screen will now look like this.  Click on “Play Now” to get started.

"Play Now"

2.  The module may take a few minutes to load.  You can play the game while you wait.  Once the course finishes loading, the “LAUNCH COURSE” button will flash.  Click the “LAUNCH COURSE” button to move forward.

Launch Course

3.  On the Sound screen, click “Continue”.

Sound Screen


4. Watch the introduction video and click the blue arrow to continue through each section.

Intro Video

5. At the end, when prompted, click “Get Started!”

Get Started

6. Now you can explore the modules! You’re ready to start!

Understanding Money



Logging Out: 

1.  When you need to log out of the program, click the blue “X” on the top right corner of the screen you are working on.

2.  Click on “YES, I WANT TO EXIT” to exit.

3.  Click the down arrow next to your username, then click “Log Out.”

Make sure you log out properly so the program can save your progress.

Logging Back In:

1.  Next time you want to access the program, open your web browser and go to the URL: www.everfi.com/login

2.  Log in with your username and password.

3.  Click on the module you were working on. 

Remember to complete all 6 modules and get a score of 70% or above on each quiz.  If you earn a score below 70% on a quiz, you can re-take the quiz until you earn 70% o above.

Need Help?

If you experience any issues while using the program, please call our tech support help line at (866) 652-3943.  You can also click on the “HELP” tab inside your account for more tech support options.

Helpful Hints:

  • Can’t Find Your Screen?  If you ever hear the program running but cannot find the program screen, remember that each module/video opens in a new window.  Try minimizing the windows on your computer and check your tabs until you find the program screen.
  • Get Stuck?  If you get stuck, do not give up!  Make sure you ask for help.  Refer to the “Need Help?” section of this page to get the help that you need.

And remember to have fun!  You are well on your way to having a better understanding of money and finances, an important life skill!

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