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As a marketer, you probably feel the same pain we all do as we keep using the same methods to get different results. One financial institution decided to try something different. They integrated financial education into their marketing strategy and used it as content marketing to engage their consumer base. 

One financial institution generated a $2 million increase in product sales by promoting products through online learning modules.That was an increase of 41% of product over their last year they ran campaigns without financial education. They not only increased sales but started reaching their core audiences by integrating financial education into their marketing strategy.

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  • The importance of financial education
  • How to engage your audiences through education
  • Best practices for building an effective financial education program


Our mission at EVERFI is to drive lasting, large-scale change to the financial capability of learners of all ages. We help banks and credit unions make a transformative impact on the livelihoods of their communities, consumers, and employees through online education, data, and services. For questions about this research paper, email Lindsey at or call 202-871-9292 to speak with a member of our team.

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