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State and federal legislation around prevention training have helped spark tremendous progress in creating safer, healthier campus communities. However, legal requirements only constitute the minimum standards for campus efforts to address critical issues like sexual violence and high-risk drinking.

To be successful, prevention programs must be built upon a foundation of institutional commitment to student wellness and safety, informed by a set of critical processes for strategic planning, and reinforced by strong policies that communicate expectations and foster accountability. These four pillars—institutionalization, critical processes, policy, and programming—are the core components of EverFi’s comprehensive framework for prevention best practice.

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  1. From the Top Down to the Bottom Up: Making Campus Safety an Institution-Wide Priority
  2. Translating Research and Resources into Effective Prevention Practice
  3. Leveraging Campus Policies to Create a Culture of Values and Accountability
  4. The Process of Programming: Exploring Best Practices for Effective Prevention Programs