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After completing at least three BB&T Financial Foundations modules, submit a short blog post (300 words or less) that answers ONE of the following questions: 

  • How has the BB&T Financial Foundations Program had a personal impact on your life and the decisions that you will make moving forward? Tell us one way that the program has changed your attitude or behavior.
  • What are your future goals (college, travel, volunteering, pursuing your dream job)? How has the BB&T Financial Foundations Program helped prepare you to achieve these goals? Be specific.
  • Tell us about a mistake that you, or someone you know, has made that connects with what you learned from the BB&T Financial Foundations Program. How would you change your actions based on what you now know after completing the program?


BONUS: Complete the LEGACY: A BB&T Leadership Challenge game and write a short essay for the chance to win an additional $250.
Download the LEGACY app to meet the subjects of Failburg, who are in desperate need of a leader. After playing the game submit a short blog post (300 words or less) that answers the below question:

  • Describe a leader in your life. After completing LEGACY: A BB&T Leadership Challenge, how would you describe this person’s leadership characteristics?

Bonus Rules:
  • Student must enter two blog posts to be eligible to win the LEGACY: A BB&T Leadership Challenge: (1) one of the three essay questions above and (2) LEGACY: A BB&T Leadership Challenge essay question.
  • Winner of the bonus may win the $250 prize based on their LEGACY:  A BB&T Leadership Challenge blog post or in combination with their BB&T Financial Foundations blog contest, $350-$750 in total prize money.

All blog contest entries must be submitted by Friday, April 30, 2018.

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