New EverFi research has found that responsible financial behaviors among students are on the decline. Over the past four years fewer millennials report responsible financial behaviors, within areas of fiscal planning, budget development, and even paying bills on time.

Our MoneyMatters report showcases findings from a survey of +85,000 first-year college students from across the U.S. on the subject of personal finance. The research details student attitudes and behaviors regarding personal finance topics like banking, savings, credit cards, and school loans.

Download the free report, and learn:

  • Trends in student financial knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors
  • Key indicators to predict financial outcomes
  • Student backgrounds and how that influences their responses  
  • Detailed recommendations for millennial education programs

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Download the Guide: How Millennials Think About Money

Examine the financial attitudes and behaviors of +85,000 college students to improve how you engage the next generation of consumers.

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