While published research has typically focused on elevated levels of risky behavior among fraternity and sorority members compared to their college peers, EverFi data shed light on a culture of positive attitudes and behaviors towards issues of sexual assault, alcohol use, and hazing among a majority of members.

This guidebook will demonstrate the opportunity to leverage the strengths among this community of campus leaders, while also calling upon data and prevention science to guide fraternity- and sorority-directed efforts to promote healthy behavior.

Download the free report, and learn:

  • Data trends with member attitudes, behaviors, and norms
  • Strategies to leverage "healthy" students to influence others
  • Fraternity & sorority case studies and best practices 
  • Guidance from Alan Berkowitz, and other prevention experts

Download the Free Guide

Improve Member Harm Reduction

Download the Guide: Leveraging Healthy Member Behaviors

Learn how leadership and values among members can be leveraged to reduce harm and mitigate risk in the fraternity & sorority community.

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Our mission at EverFi is to drive lasting, large-scale change on critical wellness issues facing students, faculty, and staff.

We work with over 800 colleges, universities, and national fraternities and sororities, to drive transformative impact on sexual assault, high-risk drinking, and hazing, through evidence-based online programs, data, and advisory services. 

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