New EVERFI research finds that 9 out of 10 parents are talking to their kids about money, an increase in parental conversations from 2003. While most parents agree that talking to their kids about money is important, fewer than half feel well prepared to have these conversations.  

EVERFI recently published Understanding Family Financial Capability, a new report for bank and credit union leadership that details findings from a survey of 500 parents and over 3500 students on their experiences discussing money and personal finance with their family. 

Download the free report for financial services leadership, and learn: 

  • Trends in how family financial capability conversations start
  • Topics parents talk about when they do talk about personal finance 
  • The family financial capability ecosystem and the role different sources play in developing whole-family financial capability

Download Free Report

Understanding Family Financial Capability

Free Research Report: Understanding Family Financial Capability

Examine the findings from the survey of 500 parents and +3500 students on family financial capability to help inform your consumer financial education solutions. 

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